2nd Change Finance Forum

06/12/2018 (h) - 07/12/2018 (h)
The International Auditorium - Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 - 1210 Brussels
The 2nd Change Finance Forum promises to be a dynamic and inclusive event. Its remarkable potential stems from the large number of contributing organisations, which include Finance Watch, Transnational Institute, openDemocracy, SOMO, Positive Money, ATTAC, Next System Project, Stamp Out Poverty, Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Transparency International EU, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, NEON, ShareAction among several others.

A cross-section of speakers will share their creative ideas and practical solutions for a reformed financial system. Some of these speakers include:

  • Grace Blakeley, Research Fellow, IPPR’s Commission on Economic Justice
  • Fran Boait, Executive Director, Positive Money
  • Matthew Butcher, New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) 
  • Marc Chesney, Professor of Quantitative Finance, University of Zurich 
  • Marcos Eguiguren, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Banking on Values
  • Laurie MacFarlane, Economics Editor, openDemocracy 
  • Carla Santos Skandier, Researcher, Next System Project
  • Richard Wilkinson (via video conference),  public health researcher and co-author of The Spirit Level/ The Inner Level

Workshops will be animated by leading experts and practitioners and they aim at engaging participants on a common action plan. Discussions will be structured around:

  • an understanding of links between finance and key societal issues
  • an assessment of the current state and a vision for a future of finance
  • a mapping of opportunities for all participants to collaborate, to mobilise citizens and to overcome the coordination problems of a multitude of interests

Dedicated workshops will also gather categories of participants who share concrete objectives, e.g. communications and campaign officers to coordinate efforts.

Here is a first look at the agenda for the day, session titles may evolve!

   Thursday, 6 December 2018 
 14.00-     18.30  Change Finance Forum
   13.15-14.00  Coffee and badges
   14.00-15.30          The system is collapsing & we are rising to replace it       
   15.30-17.00  Idea and Action Labs
  • Greening the financial system: Fossil fuels disinvestment
  • The debt 'Mountain'
  • Neoliberalism has had its day: what comes next?
  • Cracking the right stories: Winning the case for a better system
  • Basic financial services for low-income households
   17.00-17.30  Break
   17.30-18.30  Financialization: The epicenter of it all?
 19.30    Networking Evening at the Belgian Comic Strip Center
   Friday, 7 December 2018 
 08.30-     17.30  Change Finance Forum
   08.30-09.30  Breakfast Briefing
   09.30-11.00  Idea and Action Labs
  • What financial mechanisms can help restore and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity?
  • Developing countries: in the eye of the storm
  • Alternative finance
  • How can we challenge the power of the financial lobby?
   11.00- 11.30  Break
   11.30-13.00  The financial system we want
   13.00-14.00  Lunch
   14.00-15.30  Idea and Action Labs
  • Greening the financial system: Public Banking
  • Inequality: how do we fight back?
  • The Citizens' Dashboard of Finance
  • What do effective campaign strategies look like for tackling systemic problems?
   15.30-16.00  Break
   16.00-17.30  Making an impact in 2019