Economic Actor's Participation in Social and Environmental Responsibility

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A Guide to Promoting Ethics ans Sustainable Development

"The concept of sustainable development implies a form of economic development that is ecologically sensible and socially fair. The reality the concept represents is currently encouraging companies to assuming responsibility on two levels : social and environmental. But theyr are not alone in this process : all over the world other economic actors - NGOs, trade unions, consumer organiszations, governments - are also innovating by adopting an ethically-driven approach to societal responibility.

How is it possible to get actors to coooperate? What are the factors that drive and curb this process ?What avenues are available to us to encourage the emergence of these practices? This book endeavors to answer these an many more questionsby describing the issues, identifying the dynamics at work all over the world, and suggesting possible scenarios for the future... to ensure that a decent future awaits us all."

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