European Inequalities: Social Inclusion and Income Distribution in the European Union

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Cover Table of Content Introduction and Executive Summary Chapter 1 - Income Distribution and the Risk of Poverty Orsolya Lelkes, Márton Medgyesi, István György Tóth and Terry Ward Chapter 2 - The Factors Affecting the Risk of Poverty and Inequalities in Income Distribution Orsolya Lelkes, Márton Medgyesi and István György Tóth Chapter 3 - Vulnerable Groups: The Situation of People with Migrant Backgrounds Orsolya Lelkes, Lucinda Platt and Terry Ward Chapter 4 - The Risk of Poverty and Income Distribution at the Regional Level Terry Ward Chapter 5 - Material Deprivation Terry Ward Chapter 6 - Economic Growth and Income Inequalities Márton Medgyesi and István György Tóth Chapter 7 - The Effect of Taxes and Benefi ts on Income Distribution Alari Paulus, Francesco Figari and Holly Sutherland Chapter 8 - Distributional Effects of Publicly Funded Childcare Manos Matsaganis and Gerlinde Verbist Chapter 9 - Policy Developments Affecting Income Distribution, 2004-08 Manos Matsaganis and Péter Szivós Bibliography Glossary Editors and Authors

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