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study presented at Responsible Credit Conference, London, 13-14 nov. 2008

What are the features of the consumer credit evolution? In Romania, consumer credit has evolved very fast after the year 2000. Its evolution was dichotomous in comparison with the other types of crediting. The National Bank of Romania (NBR) started taking steps to slow down credit augmentation, in response to the banks' expansive credit policies. Illo tempore, the banks`behaviour proved disloyal to the consumers in a number of ways - credit offerers used misleading publicity, increased interests, multiplied and raised their commissions, by using non-transparent methods or including some abusive clauses in the credit contracts. The legal and institutional remedies offered are far from the level of consumers` expectations, especially in times of crisis.
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Journal of Consumer and Commercial Law, 12/1 ( 2008), 16-17

This doctrinaire endeavor is based on the results of the studies carried out by the author in the period 2002 - 2007, whose object have been the regulations in the domain of the consumer law in Romania, in special relation to the regulations referring to the consumer law.